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Ampless Tracks presents: Underground Unplugged Vol III

Club Underground at The Spring Street Tavern, 355 Monroe St NE, Minneapolis, MN

We go on around 9:30.


Let's Be Friends!

Marx Of The Beast 

Spectator (to Rodney): I love your voice. It reminds me of some guy from the 80s.

Rodney: Oh?

Spectator: Yeah. I can't think of the guy's name. It's not Phil Collins...Not Don Henley...

Rodney: Uh...

Spectator (snapping fingers): Richard Marx! You sound like Richard Marx!

Rodney: Oh...Uh, thank you.

The spectator walks drunkenly on his way.

Rodney (to Matt): Do I really sound like Richard Marx?

Matt: No, you don't.

Rodney: Who do I sound like?

Matt: You sound like a mixture of Van Morrison and Tiny Tim.

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